Supernatural - 24 Hours

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Okay...this is my first true experiment with Sony Vegas...I worked for two and a half days with this,(with the help of a great friend, Catbeist...without her I would have been lost!!) hope it turned out as good as I expected it to!! Music: 24 Hours by Jem Clips: Courtesy of and Story: Dean wants Sam to go on when the deal falls through...Telling Sam that he should stop trying to be like his big brother, and more like the Sam he always knew. Yet when the hours draw near, Dean realises even he can't be himself any longer. So he begins to fear his destiny, and does the only thing left in his power... ----------Disclaimer---------- I own nothing you see or hear. All property belongs to their rightful owner. Music belongs to Jem. Clips belong to CW and Eric Kripke. This video was made for entertainment purposes only!! ----------Disclaimer----------

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