Five Nights at Freddy's [SFM] [RUS] (Official video)

На сайте вы можете увидеть Five Nights at Freddy's [SFM] [RUS] Official video бесплатно

~~CHECK THE DESCRIPTION!!!~~ ------------------------------------------- Download MP3: SoundCloud: ----------------------------------------­-- Featured it's own post on Equestria Daily: ----------------------------------------­-- Original Song. Five Nights at Freddy's Song by the Living Tombstone: ----------------------------------------­-- Translated by Shining Mixer - ----------------------------------------­-- Animatronic "Mane Six" Model: ------------------------------------------- Based on the game by Scott Cawthon: Official Website: Steam Store: Android (Google Play): ----------------------------------------­-- Visuals by Censor Designs: YouTube: Twitter: @officalcensor Facebook: ----------------------------------------­-- GLEBOSS Sayonara ----------------------------------------­--

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