Beyonce Feat. Jay Z "Drunk In Love" (Parody) "Chunky Love"

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GET YOUR CHUNKY LOVE TEE SHIRT TODAY! at Beyonce "Drunk In Love" parody (lyrics below) No copyright infringement intended. This is a parody. Starring: Ellis Miah as HeYonce Brooklyn Jones as Cray Z Brooklyn Jones- Instagram @HoneyBooBooChile Twitter @GuttaButta Ellis Miah - Instagram @EllisMiah Twitter: @IamEllisMiah Lyrics I been eatin I been eatin I feel guilty when that chicken get into me. I been thinkin I been thinkin why cant I keep my fingers off you baby i want you nana. Im gonna lick my fangaz after baby i eat you nana italian ice italian ice then i want some danimals while these hamburgers on my grill. gas and light, gas and light. is that food ready ready ready burger i want you now now. yes i realize im a fatty but im still gon chew nah nah....chunky love i want you. we woke up in the kitchen when i heard myself snoring and smacking oh baby. chunky love. we eat all night. last thing i remember is the buffet how we was lining up for that grub. chunky loooove. we eat all night. loooooove loooove. we eat all night looooove. we eat all night. and everything alright. no complaints from my body i look heavy but I feel light. boy im eatin. parked up in the lot of 7 eleven. im grubbing on it grub grubbing it you scared when im cravin'. boy im eatin. quarter pounders. i want a big mac and some fries, you see so many flavors of milkshakes i want it all boy i'll drank em. im eatin - all the food in my four course then i'll fill the tub up halfway and soak my body in hot sauce. hot sauce. hot sauce. gravy sound so good. gray-gray-gravy sound so good. keep serving all that. serve serve it all to this big body been serving all of this. serve serving all of its (rap) hold up Them cookies is the shit if i do say so myself. since i baked em all myself imma eat them all myself. hold up - stumble all in the house stuffin that food all in yo mouth, that you had all in your car talkin bout you get hungry when you go far. talkin bout you be ripping that bird. wanna eat first seconds and thirds. in my hood we eat good. hope you can handle this serve. UH. corn flakes in the foyé. ate up my corn dogs. slid the candy off to the side. aint eatin mine you ate all of yours on sight. get a large i might you'll eat the box up just like - ya ate 90 of my mike - and ikes turner turn up. getcha own i don't play. go eat some cake anna mae i said eat the cake anna mae. wit some ice- -cream i got all kinds - you gonna probably eat 3 - 4, 5, 6 pints. sleep tight. we eat again in the morning. chicken breastseses in my breakfast. we goin in we eat all night. I never turn down nuthin fried. I be cookin so u know my stove will always be on fire. be on fiiiire. didnt mean to spill that gravy all on my attire. i been eatin watermelon. Lyrics by Brooklyn Jones Directed by Brooklyn Jones Co Directed by Tahir Jahi Creative Consultant Ellis Miah Creative Consultant Tahir Jahi Vocal Production by Ellis Miah and Eddie Fordham Jr. Edited by Brooklyn Jones Special Thanks to: Ellis Miah Tahir Jahi Eddie Fordham Jr. Ruba Wilson Max Gude

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